Welcome to WoodWise Land Company, LLC

WoodWise Land Company, LLC is a private timberland investment company that actively seeks to purchase high-quality timberlands throughout NY, VT, and the rest of the Northeast.

We firmly believe in the principles of sustainable forestry.
We manage our Fowoodlands under these standards to insure wood, water, and recreation for current and future generations.

WoodWise Land Company, LLC is pleased to offer a wide range of professional forestry consulting services. Whatever your goals may be—we can help.

WoodWise Land Company, LLC is committed to growing timber the right way through the long term. We offset some costs by leasing our lands for Recreation, Agriculture Production and energy production.

Our foresters grew up in New York and have deep roots in the area. They hold formal degrees in Forest Science and are members of The Society of American Foresters. We are also active in Forestry based charities and try to give back to our communities whenever possible. Learn more About Us.

Contact Us at (888) 944-TREE (8733)

Hunting Leases

Hunting Leases
We're not brokers. Because we own the land, we care about it. If something needs our attention during your lease we'll take care of it.

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Agricultural Leases

We currently lease over a half dozen properties throughout NY State to local farmer, primarily for crop production

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Timber for Sale

Timber for Sale
We provide high quality, big diameter timber for sale including: Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Cherry, Ash, Yellow Birch, White Pine, Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak.

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Property for Sale

Property for Sale
Unique Southern Tier round house for sale on 30 acres with great views of the distant hillsides! Just $89,900!

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Maple Syrup

The highest quality, 100% Pure NY State Maple Syrup. All sap that is boiled to make our syrup, comes from our company "Sugarbush" in Ontario County, NY.

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