Upcoming Timber Bids Winter 2018-2019

For information on upcoming bids, contact Mike Walsh (585) 635-8661 or mmwwoodland@yahoo.com

Boonville, Oneida County NY - 100mbf+, Primarily high quality Ash

Winter 2018-2019 Bid date TBA 


Past Timber Sales

Concord, Erie County NY

280mbf+ Excellent Cherry, Hard Maple & Ash

Winter 2018 Contact Mike Walsh for details

Allen, Allegany County NY

150mbf+ Primarily Red Pine and Ash

Summer 2018 Contact Mike Walsh for Details

Conesus, Livingston County NY

120mbf+ Very nice Hickory, Hard Maple and Ash

Summer 2018 Contact Mike Walsh for details

Redfield, Oswego County NY

400mbf+ (multiple sales) Very nice Hard Mapll, Cherry, Ash and Birch

Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Contact Mike Walsh for details

Throop, Cayuga County NY

60mbf+ Mature Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Ash & Black Walnut

Fall 2017 Contact Mike Walsh for details

Hamlin, Monroe County NY

120mbf+ Mature, high quality Hard Maple, Ash and Tulip Poplar

Summer 2017 Contact Mike Walsh for details

Williamstown, Oswego County NY

80mbf+ High quality, large diameter Soft maple, Ash & Birch

Summer 2017 Contact Mike Walsh for details

Danby, Rutland County, VT

100mbf+ High quality mature Hard Maple, Ash, Yellow Birch and Soft Maple. Very good access, moderate terrain.

Fall 2016 Contact Mike Walsh for details

Redfield, Oswego County, NY

100mbf+ High quality, large diameter Hard Maple, Ash, Soft Maple & Yellow Birch. Great  access, flat accessible terrain

Fall 2016 Contact Mike Walsh for details

Redfield, Oswego County NY

122mfb+/- High quality, mature timber. Good access and a moderately sloping terrain should allow for easy operations. Primary species include Hard Maple, Cherry, Soft Maple, Ash and Birch.

BIDS DUE: March 11th, 2016

Contantia, Oswego County NY

100-200MBF +/- Depending on the total volume, this sale may be separated into two separate sales. Flat, accessible terrain with good access, the primary species to be sold are mature, large diameter Soft Maple, Hard Maple and Cherry. Summer 2016

Redfield, Oswego County NY

80mbf+/- Good quality timber. Mature timber with above average diameters. Great access and overall site conditions. Primary species include Ash, Hard Maple, Birch and Cherry. Spring 2016


Redfield, Oswego County NY
200mbf+/- This sale consists of high quality, big diameter Hard Maple, Cherry, Ash, Yellow Birch & Soft Maple. If you would like a prospectus on this timber bid, email matt@woodwiseland.com, and one will be sent as soon as it is ready.

Hancock NY
Red Oak, White Oak 400 acre sale Winterl 2011

Swain NY
HardMaple, Ash Spring 2011

White Creek, NY, Washington County
Hard Maple, White Pine, Hickory: Winter 2011

Scio, NY, Allegany County
170 mbf+ large ash just off state route 19
potential 2year contract.
Inquires to Mike Walsh Sold: Sawmill, Cortland NY

Swain, NY, Allegany County NY
225+mbf doyle Hard Maple, Ash. Quality, big timber!!. Roads established.
Nice big bdft average. December 2010. Prospectus will be ready.
Inquires directed to Dan Prokupets Sold: Wagner Hardwoods

Allegany, Catturagus County NY
70+Mbf Red Oak, White Oak. Exceptional quality. Gentle Terrain,
Inquires directed to Mike Walsh Sold: Wagner Hardwoods

Grove, Allegany County NY
350+MBF Red Oak, White Oak, ASH, Soft Maple
Nice header and Trails: Pat Sadler 315-382-1773 August 2010-
Sold: Wagner Hardwoods

Danby, VT
Hard Maple, Birch: Fall/ Winter 2010
Sold: George Evertts, NH

Brookfield, NY
Maple, Ash, Cherry, Firewood: Winter 2010
Inquires Mike Walsh Sold : Sawmill Cortland NY

Turin, NY
300+ mbf Hard Maple, Birch, Cherry Winter 2010
2year contract Sold: Fran VanAlstine - Grieg, NY

Cameron, NY, Stuben County NY Fall 2010
Red Oak, White Oak, Pulp
Very nice size sawtimber
Sold: Wagner Hardwoods

Plymouth, VT
Hard Maple, Birch, Pulp: Mike Walsh Sold 2010
Sold: A.Johnson Lumber. Bristol Vermont

Darien, Genesee County NY
Hard Maple, Cherry: Mike Walsh- Sold 2010
Sold: Sawmill: Cortland, NY

Genesee Valley Timber, LLC Log Concentration Yard
For information on log sales in our Western NY yard contact Matt Smith. Hard Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Hickory, saw logs, Veneer and export logs available.

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